Workplace Trends: Planning for People

Tuesday 11th October 2016, 10:00 - 17:30
The HAC, London, EC1Y 2BQ

Who’s Attending

These companies are sending teams and representatives to Workplace Trends 2017.

Will you be there? 

3G Office
3XN Architects
Aberley Limited
Ablesky ltd
Area Sq
Asure Software
Aukett Swanke
BDG architecture + design
Biomimicry UK
Boss Design
Brainy Birdz
British Council
Building User Design
Buro Happold
Cambridge Architectural Research
CMI Workplace
CoLab Consulting Group
CPMG Architects
Credit Suisse
Ecophon South Africa
Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios Ltd
FM World
FMP360 Ltd
Foster + Partners
Frank & Brown
Fraser Brown Mackenna
Guernsey Electricity Ltd
HB Reavis Poland
Herman Miller
HLW International
Hoare Lea
Hoare Lea LLP
IA -  Interior Architects
IA Interior Architects
IOR Group
Jones Lang Lasalle
Jones Lang LaSalle Limited
Just Practising
Konsulterna Brywe & Ulf
Larch Consulting
Laxcon Developments Ltd
Linkcity - Bouygues Development
LOM architecture and design
London College of Fashion
London South Bank University
MCM Architecture
MEM Events
Mentor Graphics
Morgan Sindall Fit Out
Moving PlanIT Ltd
NAI Becar
Network for Skills
Orangebox Ltd
Orbit Architects
Parliamentary Digital Service
Pfizer Ltd
Philips Lighting
Queen Mary University London
RBS Choice
Reasoning Space Limited
Rifiniti Inc
Rohde & Grahl / Nowy Styl Group
Saint-Gobain Ecophon
Saint-Gobain Ecophon France
Sensory Intelligence Consulting
Skyscanner Ltd
The Bartlett School of Architecture
The Instant Group
The Kgotla Company
tp bennett
TSK Group
Unispace Global Ltd
Van den Bos Communicatie
Vision Solutions UK Ltd
Workplace Insight
Workwise Ergonomics
YNNO (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Zumtobel Group Lighting Ltd


The Workplace Trends October conference is our flagship event for professionals who want to keep up with the latest thinking on workplace design and management. Now in its 14th year Workplace Trends attracts a challenging but friendly audience of 200 + delegates, many of whom return year after year.

Why Attend?

  • Learn from quality, data driven presentations from expert speakers.
  • Focus on our pitch-free sessions. 
  • Relax in a comfortable, non-pressured networking environment.
  • Join a network of delegates from international workplace professions.
  • Receive Electronic copies of presentations post-event.
  • Use your free conference app with loads of info & opportunities to connect with fellow delegates now.
  • Enjoy our post-conference drinks social.


0915: Morning Coffee, Pastries and Registration

Arrive anytime from 0915. Of course the earlier you arrive the more coffee, pastries and friends there are. 

1000: Chair's Welcome

Nigel Oseland, Workplace Unlimited

Nigel Oseland Bio

Nigel Oseland, Workplace Unlimited

Nigel is a workplace strategist, change manager, environmental psychologist and author with 10 years research and 15 years consulting experience. He helps occupiers redefine their workstyle to create space-efficient and cost-effective workplaces that enhance business performance.

Nigel specialises in strategic briefing and alternative working; he creates workplaces that improve collaboration, enhance creativity, respond to new organisational structures, and deliver maximum value. Through his career at DEGW, AMA Alexi Marmot Associates, Swanke Hayden Connell Architects and Johnson Controls, Nigel has worked with many corporate and public sector organisations developing their workplace strategies, standards and processes.

Read more on Nigel at

1015: Workplace Principles for a Human City

Nick Searl, Argent

The location of the office is ever moving. Nick explores modern developments where the boundries of the workplace are blended with their surroundings and mix use developments bring the best of everything for their occupants.

Nick Searl Bio

Nick Searl, Argent

Having joined in January 2008, Nick is a Partner of Argent LLP. His main priority is leading the commercial teams at King’s Cross who deal with the definition, strategy, leasing and management of the office and retail components. 
He is also closely involved with the wider branding and promotion of King’s Cross.

At a corporate level, Nick is involved in securing new development opportunities for Argent and is jointly responsible for marketing and promoting the business. Before joining Argent, Nick worked with Chelsfield and European Land at Paddington Basin where he delivered The Point and Waterside buildings for M&S and Orange respectively and was also the development manager obtaining planning permission for the 1.8 million sq ft Merchant Square development.

Read more on Nick at


1045: The Kgotla Approach – Leadership through dialogue

Martijn De Liefde, The Kgotla Company

Martijn will give an insight into the Kgotia methods of employee engagement, lead change and reinforcing change management strategy, by creating positive dialogue between leaders and employees that enhances an organisation's identity and sense of community.

Martijn De Liefde Bio

Martijn De Liefde, The Kgotla Company

Martijn is the founder of The Kgotla Company in 2003. A flexible freethinker. 22 years of work experience is divided into the following areas; Brand and Identity Management, Real Estate Management Management, the new workplace, change management and leadership development. 

Read more on Martijn here -

1115: Bigger, better, faster, more? The paradox of choice in open plan offices

Kerstin Sailer, The Bartlett School of Architecture

Open plan offices are experiencing a new renaissance with large technology companies in Silicon Valley setting the trend for increasingly large open floor plates. Downsides of open plan offices with regards to noise, lack of concentration and privacy are well documented, however, proponents frequently claim that spatial openness leads to enhanced communication, collaboration and cross-fertilization beyond departmental boundaries.

Kerstin will present her latest research on offices which suggests that spatial openness is not always associated with greater rates of cross-departmental communication. She will make a case for the ‘Paradox of Choice’ – more opportunities in open plan may not automatically lead to more communication.

Kerstin Sailer Bio

Kerstin Sailer, The Bartlett School of Architecture

Dr Kerstin Sailer is Reader in Social and Spatial Networks at the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London, and Director of Research and Innovation at Spacelab. She is fascinated by the impact of spatial design on people and social behaviours inside a range of buildings such as offices, laboratories, hospitals and schools.

An architect by training, her research interests combine complex buildings, workplace environments and space usage with social networks, organisational theory and organisational behaviour. At the Bartlett she leads the module ‘Buildings, Organisations, Networks’ in the MSc ‘Spatial Design: Architecture and Cities’. Kerstin has won several awards and scholarships for her research and has been invited to present her work at a variety of national and international conferences and events. She runs the blog and comments as @kerstinsailer on Twitter.

1145: Coffee

1230: New Roles of Lighting in the Workplace

Laura Taylor and Adrie Vries, Philips Lighting

At first glance, it would appear that the offices of today are more comfortable than ever, with ergonomic furniture, attractive designs and wide-open spaces. However, while physical comfort is generally well catered for, emotional and cognitive comfort are often neglected.

Laura and Adrie present the results of international research workshops (Working People Light) around the theme of comfort and well-being in the office. This generated many insights on how to shape future solutions in and around the workplace. 

Adrie De Vries Bio

Adrie De Vries, Philips Lighting

Adrie is a Lighting Application Specialist at Philips Lighting, based in the Netherlands. 

His specialties include product development, project and marketing support from a lighting application point of view with a main focus on office lighting.

Read more on Adrie at

  Laura Taylor Bio

Laura Taylor, Philips Lighting

Laura is Design Director for Innovation at Philips Lighting

The constant drive in my career has been to support businesses and technology partners in using design thinking and creativity for innovation.

During my 20 years as a design professional I have gained a wide experience in different market sectors and been involved in all aspects of identifying opportunities and bringing them to market.

Specialties:Design for strategy and innovation; creating programs and scoping projects. 

See more on Laura at

1300: Change Your Workspace, Change Your Culture - A case study based on the AkzoNobel Center, Amsterdam

Sandra van den Bos, Van den Bos Communicatie

The world, and the way we want to work in it, changes fast. (Re)building a new office provides an opportunity to change the way we work. There is room to rethink the way we collaborate, interact, share and connect. This has an impact on our behaviour and asks for changes from the workforce and changes within the culture, which often creates resistance. How should we engage and enthuse the workforce towards an agile way of working and add more value for the company?  Sandra discusses with examples from AkzoNobel. 

Sandra van den Bos Bio

Sandra van den Bos, Van den Bos Communicatie

Sandra van den Bos is an independent change manager/ consultant and is specialized in assisting companies like AkzoNobel, implementing new ways of working, whether it’s from fixed to flex workplaces or towards a broader scope like Activity Based Working. Going “flex” or allocating spaces to activities, it looks easy, however the impact is huge and takes time to get accepted. She takes people on a journey, creating an atmosphere where people feel heard and understood. Inform, facilitate, enthuse and engage are keywords in this process.

Sandra has a Master degree in Economics and is a member of the jury of the Winning Workplace Award by Jones Lang Lasalle.

1330: Lunch

1430: Chair's Welcome Back

Paige Hodsman, Saint-Gobain Ecophon

Paige Hodsman Bio

Paige Hodsman, Saint-Gobain Ecophon

Paige has eighteen years of experience in the commercial design and construction industries with a focus on sustainable workplace solutions. As Concept Developer for the office sector at Sain-Gobain Ecophon, she is responsible for collating and disseminating information on the latest research and development in the fields of office acoustics, interior design, architecture and environmental/sustainable construction.

1430 Skylight

Neil Usher, Sky

A moment in time, not a case study
A look at the ever-evolving workspace at Sky, focussing on the 7,500-colleague Osterley campus with a dozen buildings providing flexible, technical and studio space (including a new building for 3,500 people over three floors), and on a diverse range of workspace around the country meeting specific workstyle needs.

Neil Usher Bio

Neil Usher, Sky

Neil is Workplace Director at Sky.

He is experienced property professional working in the sparsely populated area at the intersection of workplace, HR and social business. Neil has successfully designed, delivered and managed workplaces in over thirty countries in a variety of industry sectors.

Neil has an established personal blog (workessence), - he says becuuse "I am interested in what I do and want to talk about it and learn from others. I conceived the #workplaceblogs Twitter hashtag as a place to find great thinking, brought pecha kucha to the UK property industry, and may just be the UK’s only workplace poet".

"Use social technologies to extend my network to areas beyond property and the workplace in order to see what I do from different perspectives. I value creativity, openness, and the courage to experiment and change."

Read Neil's blog at
Follow Neil on Twitter at @workessence

1500: NLP and the Workplace

Anne Lennox-Martin, FMP360

A look at how using some of the principles and concepts in Neuro Linguistic Programming can assist in driving collaboration and continuous improvement in the workplace. 
Understanding why, as people, we are all unique and the importance of human interaction at the strategic, operational and tactical levels when planning the space and services that support people and their well being.
Thinking of how language and understanding between individuals who are blue sky thinkers and those who are practical and detail planners, can be bridged by focusing on relationships and perceptions.

Anne Lennox-Martin Bio

Anne Lennox-Martin, FMP360 Ltd

Anne has worked with large blue-chip companies and public sector bodies and some of the major FM training organisations and service providers specialising in FM change management, customer service excellence and collaborative working within supply chains.

Her consultancy offering ranges from facilitating and participating in strategy workshops to transforming front-line services. Experienced in managing both hard and soft services she writes specifications, runs procurement projects and assists with contracts and performance management systems. For in house clients she can trouble-shoot failing contracts, re-design operational delivery models and deliver bespoke FM training to address competence gaps.

She also offers short term focused interim support to selected clients requiring change management or emergency cover.

She was one of the original seven students to achieve the Master’s Degree in Facilities and Environmental Management at University College London in 1993 and the first (and, for a long time, the only!) BIFM Fellow to achieve the BIFM Qual, now CBIFM, in 2001. In 2007 she was voted one of the most influential women in FM according to FM World, where she is a long-standing member of the magazine’s editorial advisory board. A founder member of BIFM’s Women in FM group, with Lucy Jeynes and Marilyn Standley, Anne has supported the group at events and as a mentor on the WiFM scheme. She is well-known as a conference speaker and event contributor and in 2010 wrote the BIFM Good Practice Guide to Customer Care, the definitive text on the subject.



1530: Tea

1615: Making Change Human

Andy Swann, BDG

  • Connecting People with Change
  • Seeding and Spreading Ideas
  • Our Approach to Change
Andy Swann Bio

Andy Swann, BDG

I've spent the last 36 years learning how to be a human. I think a lot about our relationship with ourselves, our work, each other, the organisations we align with and the way they work. Through experimentation and seeing work or ‘the career’ as an ever-evolving adventure, my own work has developed in different, interesting directions.

I'm the Founder and Curator of All About People, a unique event that explores how when people thrive, organisations thrive too. 

As BDG architecture + design’s Change Maker, I develop workplace change programmes that connect organisations and people with their work and workplace, collaborating with major clients to implement my Discover, Imagine, Create method. 

I also deliver bespoke creative workshops and events that unlock organisations and their teams through Simple Better Human. 

1645: Chimps and Jelly: Thoughts on influencing colleagues and clients

Iain Smith, Network for Skills

Just before we pop open the wine and start networking, Iain will give us a 30 minute canter through three of his favourite management development books of the past few years. This session could save you £££s in book purchases and 20++ hours reading time as he boils down the essence of works by Bounds, Peters and Cialdini. He will explore the horrible world of networking, discuss what happens when our inner chimp talks to another person's inner chimp and the main ways in which we are influenced and can influence others.

Iain Smith Bio

Iain Smith, Network for Skills

Iain has a 25 year-long track record in helping individuals and organisations and worked on engagement, motivation and development of people to meet personal and business missions. He has held senior roles in Transport for London, The Mayor’s Office in London and the Government’s Learning and Skills Council. Large projects have seen him prove the competence of over 15,000 staff in a safety critical environment, widen out his HR experience by running high volume recruitment, and develop safety systems in Australia.

He currently works with both large and small organisations as a consultant, coach or interim Director, and sits on a number of Government and Industry Boards & Councils.

He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management and the Royal Society of Arts, and an Honorary Member of City & Guilds of London Institute

1715: Conference Afternoon Close

Paige Hodsman, Saint-Gobain Ecophon

Paige Hodsman Bio

Paige Hodsman, Saint-Gobain Ecophon

Paige has eighteen years of experience in the commercial design and construction industries with a focus on sustainable workplace solutions. As Concept Developer for the office sector at Sain-Gobain Ecophon, she is responsible for collating and disseminating information on the latest research and development in the fields of office acoustics, interior design, architecture and environmental/sustainable construction.

1730: Post Conference Drinks Social

Join the speakers & organisers for drinks and nibbles

As is traditional at most of our events, the conference will end with a drinks reception where the discussion continues, and you can catch up with old friends and make new connections. 

Live Tweeting the Conference

Su Butcher, Just Practising

We're delighted that Su Butcher will again be live tweeting the day's proceedings. Join in, before, during and after, using #wtrends. 

Su Butcher Bio

Su Butcher, Just Practising

Su Butcher trained in Architecture at the University of Liverpool and worked in affordable housing before becoming an academic and teacher of architecture students. She then managed three successful architects practices in London and the South East; culminating in five years with Barefoot & Gilles.
Su’s online networking began in 2004 and she has developed a reputation as the go-to person for people who want to work with architects online. She has been writing and speaking about social media in construction since 2009.
In 2011 her blog about architects JustPractising won the first Be2camp Award for Best AEC Social Media Blog, and in 2012 the ArchitectMap iPhone app (developed with Mark Schumann) won the Woobius/Building Centre Built Environment App of the year in the ‘Best Useful Tool or Guide’ category.
Su now spends her time consulting on social media strategy, talking to product manufacturers about how to sell to architects, and teaching anyone who wants to know how to use Linkedin, Twitter and Blogging to support their clients and get more business. 


Our meeting place this October is The HAC, the historic and spacious but centrally placed home of The Honourable Artillery Company. Just two minutes walk from Old Street underground station (northern line), the venue has an airy and daylight-lit conference room, plus a courtyard garden and playing fields for breaks, and a spectacular view of the city.




Once again as part of Workplace Trends we have arranged visits to four very different workplaces in central London on the day following the conference. the offices range from a lifestyle brand company to a major research institute. You’ll find out about the thinking behind the design and hear from those managing and using the new spaces. All details are here. You do not need to attend the conference to register for these visits, but places are limited so please book without delay.


Places are still available at the rate of £345 + VAT (£414 total) which includes your conference ticket, all refreshments, electronic copies of presentations (where available), and the post conference drinks reception. Subject to avaiability you may also register free of charge to one of the Sky Central tours on 18 or 28 October (one place per organisation please).

Delegates may also register to attend our Exemplar Office Visits taking place the day after the confernece on 12 Oct at an additional fee of £145 + VAT (£174 total).

To reserve your seats click the Book Now button below.